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Why Real Estate?

Passively Investing?

We've all been sold on putting our money in the stock market from an early age, but what if the volatility is eating you up and you don't have the confidence to proceed? What then? Whether you want to pull completely out of the stock market or simply round out your portfolio, real estate is a great tool to create long term wealth, but you need to partner with people that know what they're doing so your passive investment stays passive. Here at Lighthouse Ventures, we stay abreast of the economic development and the overall market so you don't have to.

Why Multi-family?

Many people are unaware of the Real Estate market unless you are in the Real Estate market.  With mounting education expenses, many of the millennial population can't afford a home and are waiting to start families.  At the other end of the spectrum, Baby Boomers are looking to downsize.  This segment, along with the Millennials, are choosing the inner cities by choice.  As a result, apartments are in high demand hence the massive push in building units.  Here at Lighthouse, we keep track of the market  so you can be assured your investment is in the right place.

About Our Team

Focused, Driven, Knowledgeable, Strategic


Our team has extensive knowledge of how to buy right, as well as, put together ownership partnerships that favor all the parties involved.  On average, our syndications will return 8-10% per year. We do all the work to ensure the property is stabilized and ran efficiently.  We'll guide you every step of the way, so when the term is up, you'll be looking for other opportunities with Lighthouse.

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